Casket Sprays

Funeral casket sprays are important for any funeral service. The arrangement helps to enhance the peaceful aura of the ceremony and sends a message of love and remembrance. Sending one last message of how much you care for the dearly departed. Casket sprays are floral arrangements specifically designed for the adornment of the casket. Casket sprays are designed to decorate either the length of a closed casket or one half–opened. A full–couch spray, also called a lid spray extends the entire length while a foot spray, or half–couch spray is shorter to accommodate the open casket. Each of these sprays is offered in a variety of styles. The classic, traditional style is an always appropriate and timeless adornment, while there are other varieties that offer a more personalized statement and feature flowers that represent the character of the deceased.

You can choose from a colorful selection of flowers. Any color is beautiful and appropriate. An all–white casket spray is a classic arrangement that represents humility, purity and truth. The classic red spray expresses your everlasting love and support.



Casket Floral Stands

A standing spray is a design that stands upright, typically supported on an easel. This kind of arrangement ensures the floral arrangement is easily visible during the service.

A funeral cross can be a popular choice, especially for a church service or to express personal sentiment. Funeral crosses can be made in a variety of sizes. A heart-shaped standing wreath can be an extremely personal symbolic choice of floral arrangement, connoting love and compassion.

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